Comparison of All-Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaner Concentrates

Comparison of Concentrates

In formulating our concentrate, I was pleasantly surprised to find that our finished product allowed for a 64X dilution to make the Multi-Purpose strength.  This allows us to make a total of 32 Multi-Purpose bottles, each one being 32 oz. in volume (0.5 oz. of concentrate, 31.5 oz. water) or another way to put it is that our 16 oz. concentrate makes eight gallons of multipurpose cleaner!

In creating our formulation, I studied the formulations, strengths and weaknesses of the most popular natural cleaners on the market that come in concentrate form.  These are Puracy, Better Life and Branch Basics. 


To get a multi-purpose product, manufacturer dilution recommendations are as follows:

Puracy  -   1 oz. makes 8 oz. so 8X.      (1 oz. conc. added to 7 oz. water)

Better Life  - 7 oz. makes 32 oz. so 4.6X.     (7 oz. conc. added to 25 oz. water)

Branch Basics  - 1 oz. makes 12 oz. so 12X.    (1 oz conc. added to 11 oz. of water)

Clean Kangaroo  - 0.5 oz. makes 32 oz. so 64X  (0.5 oz. added to 31.5 oz. water)


To compare the cleaners, I created a sample from condensed milk, peanut butter, boiled linseed oil, saline solution, egg yolk, printer ink and salted butter.  This mix was evenly applied to white ceramic tiles and oven-dried.

At the recommended dilution, there was no observable difference between the cleaners and all of them removed the soil and left a streak-free finish.

Ingredient comparison

Branch Basics and Clean Kangaroo have only natural ingredients and no synthetics.

Better Life contains methylisothiazolinone, a synthetic preservative that is very toxic to aquatic life and also a skin sensitizer.  It has a D rating with EWG.

Puracy contains benzisothiazolinone, a synthetic preservative that is very toxic to aquatic life and also a skin sensitizer.  It has a D rating with EWG.

Cost Comparison

Each of the companies uses bottles of different sizes so to calculate cost accurately, I have figured out the cost per Ready To Use oz for multipurpose strength.

Puracy             $0.12/oz.          $14.99 for 16 oz. conc. (makes 128 oz.) 

Better Life           $0.18/oz.            $104.99 for 128 oz. conc. (makes 585 oz.)

Branch Basics      0.12/oz.              $49 for 33 oz. conc. (makes 396 oz.)

Clean Kangaroo   0.06/oz.             $49 for 16 oz. conc. (makes 1024 oz.)

Why the difference in pricing?

The biggest difference in all of these products is the amount of active ingredient in the “concentrate”.  Clearly some are more concentrated than others.  An analysis of all of these concentrates by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) shows the concentration of water to active ingredients. 




For viewing purposes, the lower region is expanded.



The green spectrum is pure water, with no active ingredient.  Better Life (light purple) has the lowest concentration of active ingredient.  This is consistent with a requirement of 7 oz of concentrate to make a 32 oz bottle of cleaner.

Branch Basics and Puracy have similar levels of active ingredients and as such have similar dilution ratios and similar prices.

Clean Kangaroo has the most active ingredient and as such, has the highest dilution ratio and the lowest cost.   For example, 16 oz of clean Kangaroo makes 3 times more cleaning solution than Branch Basics, a comparably priced product.  Concentration of active ingredient is not enough to explain this dramatic effect.  While Better Life, Puracy and Branch Basics all rely on Glucosides such as Coco Glucosides, Lauryl Glucosides and Decyl Glucosides, Clean Kanagaroo uses the newest innovations in biosurfactants. 

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