Transparency and Labeling Disclosures

Companies that make household cleaning products are not required to print a full list of ingredients on their packaging.  However, Clean Kangaroo values transparency and we are proud to list all ingredients in our concentrate.

The Environmental Protection Agency only requires companies to list 'chemicals of known concern' on their labels.  There aren't any testing requirements for most of the chemicals in cleaning products, so many companies do not test so they can claim there was no “known concern”.   As a result, the label on a typical cleaning product is a mix of marketing hype and instructions for use.  What is missing is a list of the chemicals that are used. 

The reason given by U. S. companies for not listing ingredients is because the company does not want to disclose their proprietary formulas.  However, this is a facetious argument because when these products are analyzed, they all contain variants of the same toxic soup of known synthetic ingredients.  Given that there is no need to disclose, companies can now choose the most common, least expensive synthetics that have good efficacy in cleaning but are known lung, skin and eye irritants and may be unsafe for kids, pets and the environment.  In fact, companies that make cleaners have lobbied very heavily to keep labeling mandates off the books.

We know that this is a facetious argument because that the same companies will list their ingredients when they want to enter the European or Asian marketplace or other countries that are not under the thumb of lobbyists.  If the products are too scary to be listed, they reformulate for that market.  In Europe, the burden of proof is on the manufacturer to demonstrate that a chemical is safe before it is introduced to the marketplace.

The California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017 requires all manufacturers to list intentional ingredients on their label by Jan 2021.  It is expected that New York state will quickly follow.  It will be very interesting to see how many companies introduce “new and improved” formulas once they have to list their current ingredients. 

This will level the playing field between those that choose to do the right thing and only include ingredients that they know to be harmless and those who have been enjoying the competitive benefit of using lesser, synthetic and harmful ingredients. 

    This puts the power of information in the consumers hands.  Now, we can investigate the ingredients ourselves and make our own decisions.  With that in mind, here is a list of the ingredients of the Clean Kangaroo concentrate, in order of concentration

    1. Water
    2. Sophorolipid
    3. Decyl Glucoside
    4. Quillaja saponaria extract
    5. Sodium Citrate
    At Clean Kangaroo, we welcome the move towards more transparency in ingredients and just as importantly, claims such as All Natural, Green and Organic.