About Me

I embarked on a journey to find all natural cleaning solutions that were uncomprising in their ability to clean everything in and around the house while being affordable for all families.  My goal was to replace synthetic, overly-perfumed and toxic cleaners with green cleaners and all natural detergent powders.  I wanted to use the most current natural innovations that were processed in an environmentally fashion.

The principal ingredient is sophorolipid, a powerhouse natural biosurfactant that is the result of a beneficial yeast fermenting natural oils.  Sophorolipid is anti-microbial so it is self-preserving.  The second key ingredient is Butyl Levulinate, a natural solvent derived from organic waste material.  Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside and Lauryl Glucoside are completely natural biosurfactants that are 100% biodegradable, non-irritating to eyes and skin and powerful cleaning ingredients.  Sodium citrate is a natural salt of citric acid.  Sodium Gluconate is a natural salt of gluconic acid.  I use both in my formulation as chelators.  They bind the Magnesium and Calcium in hard water as these metals can affect the cleaning power of my formulation (and any soap/shampoo/cleaner for that matter).  They also act as a mild preservative.

I am committed to helping my customers have access to very affordable cleaning solutions that are safe to use, non-toxic, completely biodegradable and highly effective in removing grime, grease and soil.  My bottles are designed to be used many times and we have chosen bottles and trigger sprayers that will be good for hundreds of uses.  The product is shipped as a concentrate to reduce both carbon impact and cost to the customer.  Local water can be added at no additional impact to the environment or cost to the consumer.

I hope these products assist you as you strive to remove toxins from your home and daily life while still ensuring that they are as effective as their synthetic and petroleum-based counterparts.