Is Clean Kangaroo Concenrate (CKC) considered to be fragrance-free and unscented.

Clean Kangaroo Concentrate (CKC) has no Volatile Organic Compounds such as parfum, fragrance or essential oils added.  The product is completely natural and some of the natural ingredients have a very faint soap smell.  Once sprayed,  it has NO lingering odor 

What preservative is used in CKC?

Our product is self-preserving.  All of our ingredients, with the exception of water, have anti-bacterial properties.  Unlike other "natural" cleaners, we believe that there is never a need for methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol or other toxic preservatives.  We have proven that it can be done if the desire is there.

Does CKC kill bacteria or viruses?

Our product does not meet the definition of a disinfectant or sanitizer as defined by the EPA.  The current CDC recommendation is not suggesting the use of sanitizers/disinfectants but instead washing with warm water and a product such as ours for 20 seconds.  This will remove all baceria and viruses from your skin or from any surfaces that a soap product is applied to and rinsed.  Cleaners such as CKC fragment, lift and remove surface debris including bacteria and viruses.

Is CKC tested on animals?

We chose our company name and logo because the care that a mama kangaroo takes of its young joey represents the care we want to see given to our friends, family, neighbors, pets, animals in nature and the environment itself

We do not test our product on animals.  We do, however, use our product to wash them (and ourselves and our kids).

What kind of bottles do you use?

Our bottles are made of #1 plastic known as PETE or PET and are phthalate-free and BPA-free.  However, we would love to see you reusing bottles that you currently have for your current products.

What are the ingredients in CKC?

Our ingredient list is truly unique and it contains the newest advancements in natural surfactants (cleaners).  Water is a natural solvent and gives mobility to the various ingredients to attack grease, oils, dirt, biofilms etc and carries them away.  The workhorse in our formula is Sophorolipid, a surfactant created by the fermentation of natural oils by non-pathogenic yeast.  The 3rd, 4th and 5th, active ingredients Coco GlucosideDecyl Glucoside and Lauryl Glucoside.  They are very effective surfactants, are naturally derived and incredibly biodegradable.  Sodium citrate is a natural salt of citric acid and  Sodium Gluconate is a natural salt of Gluconic acid.  We use noth of these natural salys as chelators.  They binds the Magnesium and Calcium in hard water as these metals can affect the cleaning power of our formulation (and any soap/shampoo/cleaner for that matter).  

How is CKC different from other natural concentrates?

Our concentrate is 2X more concentrated than many comparable natural "concentrates" in the market space such as Better Life, Puracy and others.  While all concentrates allow you to drastically reduce your use of plastic bottles, the strength of CKC makes it very inexpensive when compared to other concentrates and it is several times less expensive on a per ounce basis as it makes between 2-4 times more product than the others.

CKC can be used for any cleaning job inside or outside your home without concern from family, pets or the environment.  It is stunningly effective as an all-natural cleaner, outperforming many toxic, sythetic cleaners.   It can tackle every cleaning job you have with absolute safety. From glass cleaners to heavy duty grease removal, it is multifaceted enough to do every imaginable cleaning job you have.

Use it to tackle dirt, dust, grease, grime, and even the toxic residues left behind by other cleaners. The strength of our products is our ingredients and the fact that it is SOOOO effective.

Is CKC hypoallergenic?

CKC ingredients were chosen with the most sensitive in mind, from babies and the elderly to people with peanut and tree nut sensitivities, skin and respiratory issues, chemical sensitivities and compromised immune systems. Hypoallergenic means that the majority of people should not have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in this product. Our formula is preservative-free with no added scents or synthetic preservatives.  

Is it easy to make the various products?

We have simplified the mixing process with very simple instructions.  Simply fill the RTU bottle with water to the start of the shoulder.  Top it off with concentrate and invert to mix.  Use distilled water for the streakfree formula for glass, monitors etc.  Tap water is fine for all other bottles such as all purpose etc.

Dilute as described here:  Use existing bottles if possible

  • All purpose: 1 oz added to 15 oz of water.  Simply fill the provided bottle to the shoulder and top off with concentrate.
  • Streak-Free: 1 drop CKC added to 16 oz water
  • Laundry: Add 2 capfuls of concentrate to the detergent dispenser.  If no dispenser, add 2 capfuls of concentrate before adding the clothes.

Can essential oils be added to CKC?

Yes.  CKC will easily accept your choice of essential oils.  The surfactants will ensure that the oil is fully distributed throughout the solution.

Is CKC safe for use in High Effeciency washing machines?

Yes! For an High Effeciency washing machine, it is important to put 2 capfuls into the dispenser. If extra whitening or brightening is desired, add OxyBrite to the drum before adding clothes.

Can I use CKC in the dishwasher?

Yes.  You will have to experiment as the hardness/softness of your local supply will determine how much concentrate to use and how best to add it.  If you have know you have hard water, add more concentrate; if you find CKC leaves streaks, decrease the amount of concentrate used. Experiment with the following options to see what works best for you:

  • Use 1-2 tsp. of CKC in the reservoir on dishwasher door just as you would with any automatic dishwashing detergent.
  • Mix 1-2 tsp. CKC in one cup of water and toss solution over the top rack (i.e., skip the detergent dispenser).
  • Simply toss the 1-2 tsp. CKC onto the top rack unmixed.
  • If you still see food on your dishes after you run a dishwasher cycle, add more concentrate.

How does CKC cost compare to other comparable products?

The strength of our concentrate allows us to create 16 bottles of multipurpose in 16 oz quantities.  That means that every bottle of ready-to-use multipurpose cleaner costs less than $1.20 for a 16 oz bottle!  A non-toxic, family-friendly, ecologically safe, highly effective cleaner for less than $1.20?  What's not to like??

How long will 16 OZ of CKC last?

Because of the strength of our concentrate, we have customers who use our CKC for EVERYTHING!  They will need to purchase every 1-3 months. Customers who only use it for household cleaning will need to purchase every 3-8 months.

Is CKC eco-friendly?

CKC biodegrades quickly in the environment in a matter of days, not months and years like others.  It is non-toxic to aquatic life.  The ingredients are naturally derived and are readily degraded by bacteria in the environment.  All individual ingredients has an excellent biodegradability profile.

Is CKC suitable for people with MCS, allergies or Immune System Disorders?

All of the ingredients in CKC are naturally derived & non-irritating to mucous membranes.  It does not contain any VOCs.  Our product is in use by people with these conditions and the results are favorable.  We can provide a 1 oz sample for $5 plus shipping for anyone who would like to test the product.